Guqin music is soothing and contemplative, and can be played by people of all ages. Master the essential techniques of playing the Guqin, through utilizing original course materials and a syllabus put together by our qualified instructors. You will learn classical pieces from the traditional Guqin repertoire as well as contemporary compositions such as movie theme songs.

Trial Guqin Lessons

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Let our instructors guide you through a rewarding musical journey with our wide repertoire of different Chinese music tunes even if you are a beginner with no prior background in Chinese music. Students who wish to learn for leisure need not take Guqin grading exams.

Course Syllabus

Xian Weng Cao 仙翁操, Qiu Feng Ci 秋风词, Guqin Yin 古琴吟, Xiang Fei Yuan 湘妃怨

Jiu Kuang 酒狂, Guan Shan Yue 关山月, Gui Qu Lai 归去来辞, Ping Sha Luo Yan 平沙落雁, Pu An Zhou 普庵咒

Bi Jian Liu Quan 碧涧流泉, Zhang Men Yuan 长门怨, Zui Yu Chang Wan 醉渔唱晚, Yu Qiao Wen Da 渔樵问答, Mei Hua San Nong 梅花三弄, Liu Shui 流水

Da Hu Jia 大胡笳, Wu Ye Ti 乌夜啼, Xiao Xiang Shui Yun 潇湘水云, Guang Ling San 广陵散.

 Our Guqin Instructors

We offer individual as well as small group lessons for Guqin. Individual Guqin lessons offer a more focused, flexible pace of learning whereas small group lessons are more economical. 

We keep our Guqin group classes small, allowing the instructor to have more attention for each student. Try out our Guqin group lesson today by contacting us.

Embark on your exciting musical journey and meet people from different walks of life with the same passion for learning Guqin.